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Welcome to - The Homeworld of Pictures provides a large amount of free high quality pictures in various categories. Our goal is to provide users with any pics they may need for design or entertainment. All the pics are free to use as desktop wallpapers or a part of any design. also provides free eCard service. Any of the pics you find on can be sent as an eCard to your friends. Simply click on the "eCard" button under each photo to start composing your eCard. will be more than happy if you submit your photos. Simply click the "UPLOAD" button located in the corresponding category. You don't have to upload a thumbnail, simply drop the photo and we will take care of the rest.

Animal Photos  (1785)
The pics here are devided in 6 categories: birds, cats, dogs, insects, sea life and another category of other wild animals. Eache of them is worth to take a look and is great for designers.
»  Birds, Cats, Dogs, Insects ...
Architecture Pictures  (1054)
Diferent kind of architectural pics. Also includes a category named 'furniture' since I couldn't find any better place for this one. These pictures are definetly good for designers and for browsing. Lot of man-maid beauty gathered here.
»  Building Pictures, Burial Building Pictures, Casino Pictures, Furniture ...
Art Gallery  (453)
Pics of different kinds of art. A good place to spend some time, get good ideas for eCard. Also has good design ideas and elements.
»  Digital Art, Doll Photos, Eggs, Paintings
Children Photos  (369)
Children. Very funny and exciting photos. Browse, make eCards.
Christmas Photos  (355)
Although used mostly once a year, these pics are so much joy:). Great eCard ideas, nice design elements, and pleasure to browse.
Fantasy Pics  (2392)
Different kinds of fantasy pics. All good to browse and make some artwork.
»  Devils, Fantasy Art, Horrible, Magic ...
Fine Art  (12065)
The great history of man kind has been expressed by many brilliant artists trough ages. That's what we call 'the classic' .. 'the fine art' ..
Take your time to browse our huge collection of fine art. This probably will be the most pleasure for your eyes to see on this site.

»  A, B, C, D ...
Life  (5637)
Pics from many life-related situations and events have been gathered in this category. Great design ideas and elements can be found in here, also lot of eCard ideas and pictures to just look over.
»  Bathroom, Birthday, Books, Clothings ...
Nature Photos  (3282)
The beauty of nature has been gathered in pics of this category. Amongst other things, here you will find inspiring pictures of mountains and the beauty of sunset. Definetly a great collection for designers and for just browsers. Also great ideas for greeting cards can be find in this pics.
»  Fire, Forest, Mountains, Power ...
Patterns, Backgrounds and Cliparts  (3071)
These pics are gathered mostly for designers. Take your time, look around, you can find good design elements here.
»  Cliparts, Flags, Maps, Backgrounds
People Photos  (598)
One of our most visited categories. These pics are good for designers as well as just browsers.
Plants and Flowers  (232)
Beautiful pics of flowers and plants. A lot to see in this category. These pics are also good for design and for ecards.
»  Flower, Plants
Sport and Games  (507)
These are good pics of games and gambling. Worth to take a look, also will interest designers who have projects to do in this theme.
»  Casino Games, Golf, Rodeo, Toys
Top Model Photos  (2431)
Our most popular category. The top model pics here are gathered from many sources. Well, these pics are definetly worth to spend some time browsing the category. Also a very good resource for designers.
Wheels  (2285)
Pictures of vehicles, aircrafts, boats, motorcycles and even balloons. Good source for designers and also will interest the people who love the above mentioned.
»  Aircraft Pictures, Balloon Pictures, Bike Photos, Boat Photos ...

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Murphy aus Berlin
Category Dogs

Category Digital Art

Friends in the hights
Category Animal Photos
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